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Accessorize Snow Wise

There are so many pretty ways to realize your theme for a wedding without causing yourself to cringe when you later look at the photos. I’d be cringing right now if I’d gone all out, say, with a wedding gown or even bridesmaids’ gowns embroidered with snowflakes. I did investigate options for about a day before deciding classic with a sprinkling of snowflakes was the much better way to go. Looking now at the pix, I am glad I did.

I can thank my my dearly departed mother, who had strong and wise opinions about how far to take a theme. I remember her planning a Halloween-themed birthday party for my sister one year when we were kids. She went all out on the decor but drew the line on serving guts in blood (spaghetti and sausage in tomato sauce). It’s all fun and games, she said, until a kid runs home crying about being forced to eat a bowl of guts and a piece of bone meal cake. Who wants to answer that call, my mother asked, especially if the little party-goer ended up barfing on the new sofa once she got home?

I never forgot that bit of advice and it’s served me well.

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A Little Flakey on the Decor

With Winter Wonderland as our wedding theme, and our wedding scheduled for January 3rd, we made things easy (and inexpensive) on ourselves with respect to decor and accessories. Planning the wedding during the Advent season meant both online and bricks and mortar retailers were all flaked out, and willing to discount, for the season.

The ridiculous popularity of the Disney movie Frozen contributed even more snowflake-themed products to the marketplace, both a boon and a bear. Sure, there were  more flakes available in September and October, but the aqua and purple hues didn’t quite  complement our wedding palette of midnight blue, silver, and grey, nor did the ubiquitous character visages. “I do and Olaf does, too,” just didn’t seem romantic…or age-appropriate. Talk about the need to let it go.

A word about snowflakes. The snowflake seemed the perfect symbol for our wedding. Each one is special, with its own design and its own purpose. One snowflake by itself is nothing much but when it joins with another snowflake its power and purpose are multiplied. Like the snowflake, we are stronger together than we are on our own, yet we retain our unique purpose and design within the relationship. We are snowflakes and even when it gets warm and we might melt, we simply change shape and flow on. It’s an imperfect simile but it worked better for us than guns and grosgrain. Continue reading A Little Flakey on the Decor

Gut Reaction to Fashion: Choosing a Painless Gown

Twenty-one days after my reproductive organs were yanked through my birth canal, I  accidentally went wedding dress shopping.

I don’t recommend this.

I don’t recommend any kind of shopping three weeks post surgery, unless you traverse said shopping emporium by way of velvet-lined, pillow-packed coach and are accompanied by people who fetch what you want and bring it to you. Bonus points if they pay for it, too.

I especially don’t recommend jamming yourself into couture created by camouflaging cinching corsets with swaths of satin and silk that some commission-currying consultant will clamp so snugly to your corpus you can’t cough, all to show you how to look like a million skinny bucks. Continue reading Gut Reaction to Fashion: Choosing a Painless Gown

Pre-Cancer Prevention

Pre-cancer. It’s a strange term that means something isn’t normal…but it’s not malignant, either. It’s a limbo-like term, reassuring and worrisome at the same time.

I’ve had this reddish brown spot on the left side of the bridge of my nose for several months now. It started as pimple, or so I thought. It broke, bled and then seemingly scarred. It’s aesthetically troublesome but not so bad that I can’t dull or nearly cover it with tinted moisturizer and concealer, which is what I’ve done for the last several months.

And then, it started to hurt earlier this month. It got really sensitive to touch and darker and scalier. It finally was time to get it checked, I thought, because it could be skin cancer. Continue reading Pre-Cancer Prevention

Ten Lessons Sans Carols: #4 The Bright Thing to Do

In the post “Gift #9” I talked about my neighborhood and the curmudgeons who circle around the cul-de-sac. In the interest of fairness, I have to say not everyone here in Pine Bluff Trace is mean. There’s also my neighbor who leaves post-it notes on my windshield early in the morning saying, “I’ve gone out of town for two days. Can you take care of my dog?” There’s also the neighbor who hosts popular hot tub parties well attended only by attractive young men at least twenty years younger than said neighbor, but that’s none of my business. Continue reading Ten Lessons Sans Carols: #4 The Bright Thing to Do

Hair Raising

HairGood hair is work. That’s especially true for the gluten free.

Before my celiac diagnosis, my hair and skin misbehaved. An said immune system and damaged gut from said autoimmune disease meant nutritional deficiencies and nutritional deficiencies meant deficient hair and skin. Hair color never looked the way either the box or the hair stylist predicted and it quickly would degrade to an awful harsh orange no matter how brown or red or blond it was supposed to be. The only time the color looked good was on Halloween, when orange was the hot, haute hue.

My face favored tomato tones rather than pumpkin or pinks. Instead of glowing with a healthy hint of blush, it burned rough red. Painful breakouts hopscotched over dry, itchy patches. No matter what I did or didn’t put on my skin, my face looked angry and sickly.

These days, my skin and hair look much better, thanks to some fabulous gluten free products.  (Disclosure: I don’t get paid by the brands mentioned in this post, nor do I get a discount or other promotional consideration. This post comes straight from my heart and my head).

I used to pay $200 to get poisoned, er, my hair cut, colored, and coiffed at salons that understood nothing about gluten and gluten free. I’d ask about ingredients and I’d explain about my need to avoid gluten for medical reasons. The responses ranged from confusion to defensiveness. Continue reading Hair Raising