Forget the Food Fight and Enjoy a GFree Summer

Summer is happy food season. It’s the time for grilling things to snuggle between toasty bread-y bun-y things. Time for swiping crunchy things into creamy dippy things and then devouring the whole snappy slippery mouthful. It’s timeGFree Barbecue for slowly swirling your tongue around ice cold sweet things and swallowing them before brain freeze sets in. Yes, summer is all about tickling the taste buds and seducing the senses with fabulously fun food, which can be challenging when one has to be strictly gluten and dairy free.

I used to feel like I was waging a food fight, struggling to find gluten free food that wouldn’t break the bank or widen my waistline. The good news is we can find more and better GF products than ever before and they’re now affordably available at your favorite grocery chain and big box retailer, as well as at your nearest health food store or organic grocer. Here a some of my faves. Continue reading Forget the Food Fight and Enjoy a GFree Summer


Turtle Cake Is GFree and Yummy!

turtle cake cMy dad loves turtles. He had a slew of them as a kid, and when we were kids, he stopped the car to pick up a lovely box turtle that had found its way into the middle of a busy road somewhere near Lavalette, a popular place along the Jersey Shore. I only vaguely remember the incident as I couldn’t have been more than four or five. We named the turtle Mister T, and this was long before the A Team burst onto American television.

When we were a little older, from first through sixth grade, my sister and I participated with my dad in the YMCA’s Indian Guides and Indian Princesses program. My dad’s “Indian” name was Chief Walking Turtle. He was the head of not only our tribe, but was the head chief of the entire network of tribes participating in that particular YMCA’s program. When asked why he chose the name Chief Walking Turtle, he said it was because the turtle is a steady, deliberate animal that doesn’t rush off and make snap decisions; instead, he carefully chooses a path and follows it. That’s the kind of leader he wanted to be, he said. He sure was! Continue reading Turtle Cake Is GFree and Yummy!

Pre-Cancer Prevention

Pre-cancer. It’s a strange term that means something isn’t normal…but it’s not malignant, either. It’s a limbo-like term, reassuring and worrisome at the same time.

I’ve had this reddish brown spot on the left side of the bridge of my nose for several months now. It started as pimple, or so I thought. It broke, bled and then seemingly scarred. It’s aesthetically troublesome but not so bad that I can’t dull or nearly cover it with tinted moisturizer and concealer, which is what I’ve done for the last several months.

And then, it started to hurt earlier this month. It got really sensitive to touch and darker and scalier. It finally was time to get it checked, I thought, because it could be skin cancer. Continue reading Pre-Cancer Prevention